Nanofique degrades the dye in wastewater removing the colour and associated toxicity

Nanofique hybrid fibres

Nanofique is a bio-composite of nanostructured material. For denim, after the dyeing and washing processes, our hybrid material removes the residual indigo blue or sulphur black dyes from the wastewater. During this process the dye is degraded and not simply absorbed by the fibres. Our product removes the colour and associated toxicity in minutes and reduces Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) levels dramatically.


Multi-cycle action

As Nanofique has catalytic properties it can be used for many cycles without losing its activity, which makes it a very cost-effective treatment.

Nanofique application

The Nanofique material is placed in a housing. It requires less space than conventional treatments, is cost-effective and offers an important step towards sludge-free 'cradle to cradle' water recycling. Industrial treatment time is approximately 2 hours and the capacity of the housing can be balanced to the output of the machine. 


The Nanofique process produces no sludge and is an important step towards ‘cradle to cradle’ water recycling. Spent Nanofique is readily biodegradable.

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